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KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Expands Two Z-Carb Products

May 9, 2016 - KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools has expanded two Z-Carb Product lines; the HPR and AP. Updated literature is available for order and download. Click here to download the press release.


SGS Tool Company Acquired by Kyocera

March 30, 2016 - SGS Tool Company has been acquired by Kyocera Corporation of Kyoto, Japan. Click here to download the press release.


SGS Expands High Performance Drill Products

New Hi-PerCarb Drill Products

August 3, 2015 - SGS Tool Company is proud to announce the expansion of their Hi-PerCarb family of high performance solid carbide drills. The Hi-PerCarb family now features almost 500 products in a wide variety of sizes and options to best serve our end users in whatever drilling operations they perform. A full 52 page color product brochure is available to download. Click here to download the new brochure.


SGS Releases New Company Video

SGS Company Video 2015

June 1, 2015 - SGS Tool Company is pleased to release a new company video. When we started 2015, we realized that our new tools and the climate of the global manufacturing industry demanded a fresh representation of our company. Despite being family owned for over 50 years, SGS Tool Company is dedicated to maintining our presence and influence on the cutting edge of cutting tools, and the needs of our customers. Watch the new video for a personal tour and introduction from 2nd Generation and Current CEO Tom Haag on why SGS Tool Company is regarded as the best in the industry. We loved making this video, and we're sure you'll enjoy watching it! Click here to watch the video.


SGS Launches Next Generation Z-Carb End Mills

Z-Carb HPR

May 1, 2015 - SGS Tool Company, a leader in round solid carbide cutting tool technology, is proud to announce the next generation of Z-Carb cutting tools. The new Z-Carb High Performance Rougher (HPR) lineup consists of expansive fractional and metric offerings, including multiple corner radius options and the new Ti-NAMITE-M coating. The new Z-Carb HPR products are engineered for the most extreme of Titanium machining capabilities, while maximizing tool life and bringing ever more value to the spindle.

The new Z-Carb HPR Five Flute Roughing End Mills are ideal for achieving high metal removal rates (MMR) and a finish of 80 RMS or better on most materials. The specialized five flute design is engineered for increased productivity over three and four flute end mills. The variable indexing geometry allows for improved chatter suppression over symmetrical designs.

The Z-Carb HPR material removal rates (MMR) make this tool idea for the following target markets:

- Aerospace Structural Components
- Medical Implants
- Automotive & Heavy Transportation
- Energy & Power Generation
- Castings & Forgings
- General Engineering

The Ti-NAMITE-M coating is all new, and is exclusive to SGS Tool Company and the Z-Carb HPR product line. This coating features high wear resistance, reduced friction, and excellent prevention of cutting edge build up. This coating provides superior metal removal rates and tool life when used in high performance operations with difficult to machine materials like Titanium.

As of May 1, 2015 this tool is available to order in a full selection of corner radii, diameters in both standard and metric, and with coolant through options on select diameters.

SGS Expands Two Product Lines

As of April 1, 2015, SGS Tool Company will officially expand its Series 20 Carbon Composite Router (CCR) offering to include left hand cut tools for CFRP materials. These left hand cut tools will be available in the same sizes as the right hand cut, but with the addition of 1/2 inch and 12,0 mm diameters. Both right and left hand cut tools are available with or without an end cut, and the Di-NAMITE coating.

Our Series 20 routers are the product of a partnership with a leading aerospace company focused on trimming and finishing in the most demanding and precision oriented applications. The new left hand cut tools are a welcome addition and will provide even more value to our customers running all varieties of machining tasks.

Also on April 1, 2015, SGS Tool Company will also expand its Series 43 S-Carb to include Advanced Performance Roughers (APR) and Finishers (APF) for high performance aluminum applications. These high performance tools represent a considerable advancement in aluminum machining with incredibly high metal removal rates and time savings.

Using technically superior tool geometry designs aimed at high feed rates, direct plunge capabilities, and chip evacuation, our APR and APF products easily exceed aluminum machining requirements for the strictest of regulations and production schedules. We are proud of these new tools and are excited to see what positive changes they bring our customers. Click here to request more information.



SGS Launches New Plastic Composite Router

Series 29

SGS Tool Company has added a new Plastic Composite Router (PCR) to   its high performance offering.  The new Series 29 PCR product line is specifically designed for machine routing glass reinforced composite materials, such as fiberglass and G10, as well as most other common  plastic and non-metallic materials. This PCR is manufactured with a     variety of length and diameter options as well as 3 different end styles;     no end cut, end mill and drill point.  All sizes and end configurations are     available from stock either uncoated or with diamond coating                 (Di-NAMITE) for maximum adhesion, superior wear, and increased tool     life.




New! SGS Launches High Speed Machining Solution


SGS has added a new series of 6-Flute High Performance End Mills to its offering.  The new T-Carb product line is ideal for aggressive     high speed machining applications using Trochoidal and Peel Milling techniques. 

The 6-Flute design excels in machining at higher feed rates while reducing tool loads, ultimately preventing breakage and failure.     The variable pitch geometry allows the T-Carb to provide superior performance in multiple operations calling for roughing and          finishing, resulting in faster cycle times and lower costs.


New! SGS Expands Multi-Carb Offering

SGS has added to its current Multi-Carb high performance end mill offering to include metric corner radius options.   The Multi-Carb incorporates a large number of flutes for stability and high feed finishing capabilities in applications where surface finish and tolerance are critical factors.

Available with 7, 9 or 11 flutes based on tool diameter, the odd number of flutes allow for a smoother cutting performance while controlling the natural harmonics by staggering entry and exit of the cutting edges.


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